Dhanasree Finance

Dhanasree Finance, which was incorporated in 2000 with the objective of financing gold loan, has grown today into one of the most trusted financial institution in the area.

Dhanasree has grown through hard work, sensible and careful management practices. With highly personalized service and well designed schemes to suit client requirements, Dhanasree Finance try very hard to meet your financial needs.

Dhanasree Home Appliances

We started Dhanasree Home Appliances with a dream to provide home appliances of supreme quality and newest technologies to the customers in the area at a feasible prize. There will be the products of all the leading brands/companies. Our focuz is on customer satisfaction through sales and after sales service.


1 Low interest rates
dhanasree Finance provides gold loan at low interest rates compared to other private financial institutions.
2 Insurance coverage
we provide free insurance coverage to your pledged gold ornaments for the pldge period.
3 Minimum interest
we are only charging 15 days interest as minimum compared to most of the financial institutions thereby maximizing the benefit for our clients.
4 Part releasing
our clients have the advantage of partial releasing of the pledged articles against the part payments.
5 Part payment
our clients have the advantage of repayment in easy and flexible installments.
6 Day wise interest calculation
the customers are paying interest only for the number of days for which they are pledging their ornaments compared to biweekly or monthly settlements by the banks and other financial institutions.
7 Automated system
our computerized system provides you a quick pledge and releasing of gold ornaments.

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