• Dividend
  • the subscribers who takes the fund in the beginning gets it at a discount. This discount is divided equally in favor of all the members of the fund.

  • Installment
  • you can pay the monthly subscription daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • Loan
  • we give 80% of the face value as loan to the subscriber who didn't take the prize money at low interest rates.

  • Surety
  • prize amount will be disbursed on simple and easy surety/security condition.

  • Transfer
  • you can transfer the chit scheme to another with permission of the firm.

  • Nominee
  • there will be the provision for specifying nominee for the chit scheme.

  • Proxy
  • subscribers can avail the service of proxy without any cost.

  • Service
  • we provides the service of collection agents without any extra charges.

  • Benefits
  • there is no service charge/ processing fee. And you will get priority in other services of the firm.

Banister Chitts Pvt. Ltd

Dhanasree, which was incorporated in 2000 with the object of financing gold loan, has grown today into one of the most trusted financial services group in the area. We started chitty under the Kerala Government Registration in August 2000.

As part of the business expansion we registered a company for the chit business as Banister Chitts Pvt. Ltd on 25-05-2005 under the company act 1956. "Improve your financial security with Banister " is what we have to say to our new Clients.

Legal Sanctity

We comply with all statutory paper work and formalities, follow prudential norms and build goodwill in the local community. As a rule, chit money is disbursed against presentation of Post Dated Cheques, proper personal sureties and collaterals, as the situation warrants. It must be the duty of every potential subscriber to verify that he is subscribing to a chit with a Chit Company that is properly registered and has a satisfactory track record.

Client base

A large number of Chit subscribers of Banister Chits Pvt. Ltd are Professionals, Traders, Businessmen and others who do not have access to bank or other financial institutions due to rigidities in margin requirements, security, surety etc. It is gratifying that Dhanasree could help many of such enterprises grow into prosperity with timely "SUPPLY" of resources.

Strong Capital base

The company requires adequate capital investment to take care of all their infrastructural requirements and to plug the shortfall of monthly subscriptions should some members delay their payments. Banister Chits Pvt. Ltd. has been a profit making Company since the time of its inception and it had build up a strong capital base.


A well balanced subscriber base- At Dhanasree, we are fortunate to have a member base that has grown with us from the yaer 2000. We initially started with small groups of Rs. 5,000/- wih Rs. 200/- monthly contribution. For the efficient running of the Chit, the prerequisite is the presence of a group of members that are trustworthy.

A Complete Solution
Chit money may be utilized for an activity that a prudent subscriber considers relevant. The flexibility offered by chit schemes is enormous. Memberships for small chits may be taken form time to time depending on convenience and repayment capacity and then totaled up to purchase an asset or a product.