About Dhanasree Group

Dhanasree is a fast growing group which mainly concentrates on financial services. Since inception in 2000, the Dhanasree Group has indeed come a long way. Dhanasree Group offers a wide range of financial services to the customers through a variety of schemes.

The principal objective was to create a development financial institution for providing project financing to businesses people. Today, the activities of Dhanasree Group span are Gold Loan, Chitty, Trade Loan, Personal Loan, Business Loan, Consumer Loan, Stock Broking.

We are planning to open new branches at business sensitive areas in the near future. As a completely independent operation we offer detailed, impartial advice, to the benefit of our clients. We are looking forward to a business development in the areas of Financial Consulting, Foreign Money exchange, Real estate cunsultancy service etc.

We built up a strong customer relationships over 12 years. With a determined commitment to ethical business practices and trying to achieve excellence in all areas, the group is all set to high fly. Each and every member of the staff at the group reflects the commitment that has made Dhanasree Group into the strong force that it is today.


The finance business, the first venture, started in a simple way at Kuthiathode, Alappuzha. Mr. V. Prabhakaran (Rtd. Dy. Director Cochin Port Trust) lighted the lamp on 25 th May 2000. It incorporated under KML Act. After two months we started chitty under Kerala Government Registration.

We shifted to our own building on 9-12-2002. In 2003 we started to provide business loan. On 18-08-2004 we opened our first branch at Ezhupunna under KML Act.

On 25-05-2005 we got registration for the chitty under the company act 1956 as Banister Chitts Pvt. Ltd. On 29-12-2011 we opened another branch at Valayathode under KML Act.

On 16-02-2006 we started a division for doing Stock Broking activities. Dhanasree has grown through hard work, sensible and careful management practices.

Our Business Areas