Dhanasree Group!

Dhanasree Finance, which was incorporated in 2000 with the objective of financing gold loan, has grown today into one of the most trusted financial institution in the area.

Dhanasree has grown through hard work, sensible and careful management practices. With highly personalized service and well designed schemes to suit client requirements, Dhanasree Finance try very hard to meet your financial needs.
We use the experienceand expertise to provide cheaper finance options , thereby maximizing the benefit for our clients. This presents an opportunity for us to serve even those clients excluded by mainstream banks. We currently have offices at Kuthiathode (Head office), Ezhupunna and Vallyathode. Apart from attractive schemes, flexible repayment facilities, quick and easy processing, Dhanasree focuses on providing complete Personalized Services.
Dhanasree offers a whole gamut of financial products and services to meet the lifetime needs of customers. With flexible and need-based offerings, Dhanasree is emerging as the premier financial solutions provider in Kerala.